Part of what makes an Alaska family vacation such an appealing prospect is the countless memories you’ll create with your loved ones. Often seen as a rite of passage for young outdoor enthusiasts, taking a trip to Alaska can be a pivotal moment in the life of an adventurer. And whether you and yours will be making the trip for the first time or visit every so often, Elfin Cove Resort is certainly worthy of consideration. 

Alaska Family Vacation Packages: More Than Fishing

First and foremost, Elfin Cove Resort is an elite fishing destination nestled in the remote Alaskan wilderness. The primary focus of most of our guests is to immerse themselves in an unrivaled angling experience where few others have trekked. Not only will our resort allow you to explore a diverse and seemingly unscathed Alaska fishery, but your family will also be amazed at the abundance of adventure found in places like Glacier Bay and Tongass National Forest. With day trips revolving around hiking, kayaking, wildlife viewing, and more, guests will have ample opportunities to do more than fishing, although it will be pretty tough for them to say no after seeing how much fun they’re missing! Whether it’s fishing, hiking, or kayaking, our guides are here to help you navigate our slice of paradise.

All-Inclusive Alaskan Vacations | Discover Elfin Cove

A family of four stands in front of a massive halibut caught off the coast of Alaska.An Alaska family vacation is an effective way to ensure your children inherit your appreciation for the great outdoors. Heading up to “The Last Frontier” is certainly different from your typical family getaway, but one thing is for sure, you’ll find plenty of things to do. We’ll help you create the perfect vacation itinerary as you plan each day’s adventure.

Elfin Cove Resort: An Elite Alaska Fishing Lodge

There are many magnificent attractions found in our neck of the woods, no matter where your family’s interests reside. You may find yourself exploring beaches after a kayaking ride or checking animals off your kid’s wildlife list. Either way, an Alaska family vacation is sure to provide you with a wealth of memories and smiles from ear to ear. For more information or book your stay, please reach out to us online or call 888-922-3474 today!