Excursions near Our Alaska Fishing Lodge

sightseeing excursion

There are some wonderful Elfin Cove attractions that you can enjoy. Guests spend their days hiking the trails, sightseeing, and immersing themselves in various wilderness adventures. A short boat ride could have you bathing at White Sulfur Springs, flying through the treetops on a zip line course or hiking on an island in search of an old military outpost.

You could also explore beaches within kayaking distance. Imagine getting an up-close look at the awe-inspiring Brady Glacier.

wildlife viewing excursion

Wildlife abounds in Elfin Cove, including marine mammals and birds. Humpbacks hang out in nearby Cross Sound, feasting on krill and fry. Sea lions bellow on nearby haulouts, and sea otters frolic in the kelp. Large numbers of sandhill cranes and geese migrate through in spring and fall. And while rarely in town, brown bears are also prevalent on the island and you may see them fishing or playing on nearby beaches.

If seeing whales or bears is at the top of your list, be sure and book a local charter so you have a good chance to see them in their natural habitat – in Cross Sound for marine life and along the coastline or in the nearby Port Althorp Bear Preserve for brown bear. Otherwise, keep your eyes out on the flight into town. Your seaplane pilot will point out any whale pods below.

extreme fishing excursion

A fisherman’s paradise, the area offers huge Pacific halibut ranging from 20 to over 300 pound monsters year-round; beautiful King Salmon from 20 to over 60 pounds available year-round with optimal fishing conditions from early May to late June; and acrobatic Coho Salmon in great abundance from late June through September averaging 8 to 12 pounds. Other salmon caught in the area include Chum (dogs), Pink (humpies) and Reds (sockeye.) Rounding out Elfin Cove’s selection of sport fishing is a colorful collection of Rockfish, Irish Lords, Red Snapper, Yelloweye, Black Sea Bass, and Lingcod. For the hardcore adventurer, we offer Salmon Shark fishing in late summer.

hiking excursion

Explore the lowland areas further to see how nature is taking over an area where workers stayed in the early 1940s while working on the road to the top of the island to facilitate the hauling and installation of a 10-ton Naval gun and eight-ton mount. A half-mile walk uphill to see the gun emplacement is sometimes steep, but worth the views of rocky coves and craggy inlets below. Dwarf dogwood under the evergreens creates a lush carpet of brilliant green, with bursts of color from wildflowers such as bog orchids, asters, and common butterwort.

As the top, you’ll find the gun emplacement still intact where it was installed to help with coastal defense. During the war years, it was fired only four times (the last time it shifted and broke a Naval serviceman’s toe!). The rest of the time, it was camouflaged, as were the nearby magazine, lookout hut, and Quonset huts.

ziplining excursion

Riding to the top of the course is scenic, but getting back down is a blast. With one guide gliding in front of your group and another behind, you’re ready to start soaring. There are many course options for your zip lining pleasure. Along the way, you’ll fly as high as 70 feet off the ground, zip as fast as 40 mph on the long 1,100-foot zip, rappel 50 feet down into the understory, and walk on suspended sky bridges over the moss-carpeted forest floor. Along the way you’ll get sweeping views of the gorgeous landscape from mountains, a lily-covered alpine pond, and lush forest understory. The last zipline of the tour takes you over the place where it all began, but you’re not done yet. A second rappel descends you 40 feet back down to terra firma, where you can start treasuring all the memories that will last a lifetime.

kayaking excursion

At Elfin Cove Resort we want you to have the time of your life. If you don’t want to go out on the fishing boats, yet still want to spend time on the water we have Kayaks available for self-guided tours. Enjoy the peaceful surrounds as you casually drift down our many waterways exploring countless adventures along the way. This is a perfect retreat after a day or two of intense fishing or any number of other Elfin Cove excursions. No particular place to go, with just relaxation as your primary destination.