From the bottom of the deepest glacial fjord to the summit of its highest peak, Glacier Bay encompasses some of our continent’s most amazing scenery and wildness. It is a land reborn, a world returning to life, a living lesson in resilience. If ever we needed a place to intrigue and inspire us, this is it. Glacier Bay is a homeland, a living laboratory, a national park, a designated wilderness, a biosphere reserve, and a world heritage site. It’s a marine park, where great adventure awaits by boating into inlets, coves and hideaway harbors. It’s also a land park, with its snow-capped mountains, spectacular glaciers, and emerald–green forests. From the summit to sea, Glacier Bay’s wildness is remote, dynamic and intact.

Among all of Alaska’s national parks and other public lands, Glacier Bay may offer the greatest richness and variety of natural, wild voices. On a given day, park visitors might hear an astounding assortment of sounds: glacial ice exploding into a tidal inlet, wolves howling along a wave-washed shore, loon cries echoing between forested islands, humpback whales calling, hermit thrushes singing among high boughs, brown bears thrashing after salmon, raindrops making polyrhythms on a muskeg pond, shore crabs scuffling among tidal boulders, harbor seals growling on ice rafts, and moose grunting in wet meadows.

Elfin Cove Resort resides in a a spectacular area filled with wildlife and many recreational opportunities outdoors. Situated across from Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, we can take guests into this natural area to view glaciers, wildlife and other fascinating natural features. Venturing out on eco tours and hikes is another way to get an up close and educational view of the Park. With a large variety of birds and wildlife it is a photographers dream to come capture some of the stunning scenes in Southeast Alaska. We highly recommend visiting this National Park while you are here on your stay with us.


In addition to the National Park, Elfin Cove Resort also has opportunities in the Tongass National Forest. From our lodge, guests can use kayaks to visit some of the surrounding islands. These islands have hiking trails as well as old historical artifacts that visitors can see. On National Forest lands, visitors can hunt Sitka Blacktail deer, take photos and explore this giant rainforest.