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15 01, 2021

Looking Ahead: The Alaska Fishing Season

2021-01-15T21:36:14+00:00Fishing in Alaska, News, Travel Planning|

With the turn of the new year already behind us, we can’t keep our minds off of the upcoming Alaska fishing season at Elfin Cove Resort. An Alaska vacation is a bucket list item for most anglers, so there will be plenty of fishermen and women hoping to get in on the action and get their first taste of the “Last Frontier.” As such, early booking is paramount to the planning processes and crucial to securing the dates and lodging options you desire. You don’t want to get yourself excited for the Alaska fishing season only to find out you [...]

7 07, 2020

Alaska Bucket List: Glacier Kayaking


It isn't too often that you talk with someone who has gone glacier kayaking in Alaska. Commonly, those who have taken on the endeavor found difficulty describing it to inquiring minds. These awe-inspiring adventures, made possible by pristine, emerald-colored waters, are the types of excursions that make legends. Ideally located across from Glacier Bay National Park, Elfin Cove Resort offers unfettered access to some of the deepest glacial fjords surrounded by immaculate scenery and wildlife. Alaska's remote backcountry has a different view from the water, and glacier kayaking is one of the most iconic ways to see it. This unique [...]

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