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15 01, 2021

Looking Ahead: The Alaska Fishing Season

2021-01-15T21:36:14+00:00Fishing in Alaska, News, Travel Planning|

With the turn of the new year already behind us, we can’t keep our minds off of the upcoming Alaska fishing season at Elfin Cove Resort. An Alaska vacation is a bucket list item for most anglers, so there will be plenty of fishermen and women hoping to get in on the action and get their first taste of the “Last Frontier.” As such, early booking is paramount to the planning processes and crucial to securing the dates and lodging options you desire. You don’t want to get yourself excited for the Alaska fishing season only to find out you [...]

30 11, 2020

3 Ways to Stay Busy When You’re Not Fishing in Alaska


Unless you're into ice fishing or live in a warm climate, winter is a time when many anglers don't get to indulge in their favorite pastime. Whether it's because of the lack of opportunity or something else that has taken you out of the game, there are a few ways to stay busy and keep you motivated for fishing in Alaska. Although many of the fishing resorts close down for the winter, there's no reason you have to stop thinking about the Alaska fishing season. Elfin Cove Resort, across from Glacier Bay, will be here waiting for you in early-spring. [...]

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