A jubilant fisherman lays next to his fresh halibut while enjoying fall in Alaska.There’s a lot to be said about fall in Alaska. As beautiful as it is during spring and summer, “The Last Frontier” takes on a new persona during autumn. Furthermore, you’ll find active wildlife preparing for hibernation or migration, gorgeous scenery—and most importantly—fewer tourists. There is probably a good chance you’re contemplating an Alaskan fishing trip and wondering what that would be like in the fall. Well, the folks at Elfin Cove Resort will tell you that autumn offers an excellent opportunity to target the final salmon runs of the year and, of course, an abundance of halibut. Now, you may not know that there are several excellent reasons to visit Alaska during fall besides the fishing!

Experience an Alaskan Fall with Elfin Cove

“Shoulder season” in Alaska is often overlooked. There must be an overwhelming consensus that all the fun dissipates at the end of August that residents and long-time visitors are unaware of. Jokes aside, here are five excellent reasons to visit Alaska during the fall season, starting in September. 

Cheaper Travel Expenses

Although the lodging rates at most Alaska fishing lodges and resorts will remain constant throughout the year, other aspects of your travel may become far less expensive than during summer. So, if you need to stay overnight in, say, Juneau before heading to Elfin Cove, you’ll find cheaper hotel rooms.

Fewer People, Not Just Tourists

It goes without saying that most tourists visit Alaska during June, July, and August. What doesn’t always come into consideration is that some locals head south for the winter and often start leaving at the end of summer. Now, most people who live here will stay for the fall, but still, you’d rather run into them than a large group of sightseers!

Alaska Fall Colors

The fall foliage transformation begins much earlier in Alaska than in other states, and the beauty found during autumn can’t be overstated. In combination with granite mountainsides, meandering waterways, and towering evergreens, fall in Alaska offers a vibrant display of scenic splendor. Brilliant hues of crimson, amber, and tangerine provided by a myriad of hardwood trees graciously lending themselves to breathtaking photos.

More Abundant Wildlife

Fall in Alaska is the time for wildlife photographers and bird enthusiasts to pull out their cameras and binoculars. Large fauna such as bears, moose, and caribou will be on the move in search of food before winter, and the same can be said for birds. Furthermore, the downtick in human activity will significantly increase animal activity. And although many of the more desirable wildlife will be on the move in search of food, you’ll be delighted to know there will be far fewer mosquitos and other annoying insects during autumn.

The Days Will Still be Longer

You may not have the midnight sun during fall in Alaska, but you’ll still have more daylight than anywhere else in the union. Given its location on the Earth and solar-friendly timezone, Alaska has approximately 15 minutes more sunlight than the lower-48 states and Hawaii. That means you’ll be maximizing your time on the water chasing fish!

All-Inclusive Alaska Resort Vacation Packages and Fishing Trips

Fall in Alaska is sometimes overlooked and can be just as rewarding as a visit during the warmer months. Whether with friends or family, the crew at Elfin Cove Resort invites you to find out for yourself by staying at their world-class fishing lodge. With an abundance of on-site amenities, access to seemingly endless wildlife, and some of the best fishing in Alaska, it’s no surprise that the most discerning anglers choose Elfin Cove. To learn more about their all-inclusive fishing vacation packages, unrivaled accommodations, and off-site adventures, please reach out online or call 888-922-3474 today!